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Mozilla Cuts Ties with Data Broker Removal Partner Due to Conflict of Interest

27 March 2024

By Olivia Manson

Mozilla is dropping its partner for Mozilla Monitor Plus, its paid data-broker cleanup service, due to a conflict of interest. The CEO of OneRep, the company helping Mozilla remove people from online data brokers, still has a stake in those very kinds of websites.




Recently, Mozilla, the well-known organization behind the popular Firefox browser, has been making significant changes to its services beyond just the browser itself. One of the notable transformations in their service offerings involves how they handle the removal of personal information from people-finding websites. This responsibility has now been entrusted to OneRep, a trusted partner of Mozilla.


  • Expanding Services: Mozilla's decision to extend its services beyond the browser reflects a strategic shift in meeting the evolving needs of its users. By focusing on data privacy and protection, Mozilla aims to provide a more holistic online experience for its users.

  • Shake-Up in Services: The shake-up in Mozilla's services indicates a proactive approach towards addressing the growing concerns related to online privacy and data security. By partnering with OneRep, Mozilla reinforces its commitment to safeguarding user data from unauthorized access and misuse.

  • OneRep Partnership: OneRep's expertise in removing personal information from people-finding sites aligns with Mozilla's dedication to enhancing user privacy. This collaboration ensures that sensitive information is promptly and effectively removed from online databases, minimizing the risks associated with potential data breaches.


Overall, Mozilla's initiative to broaden its services beyond the browser realm exemplifies its dedication to supporting user privacy and data protection. By leveraging the capabilities of trusted partners like OneRep, Mozilla strives to create a safer and more secure online environment for individuals worldwide.


Conflict of Interest


When it comes to data privacy and protection, transparency and trust are paramount. However, a conflict of interest arises when the CEO of OneRep has a history of starting dozens of data broker websites. This raises concerns about the ethical practices of the company and the potential misuse of personal information.


  • One significant point of contention is that one of the data broker websites initiated by the CEO is still active to this day. This indicates not only a lack of accountability but also a continuous stream of data being collected and potentially exploited.


Also, the fact that the CEO still maintains an ownership stake in this active data broker website further complicates the situation. It blurs the lines between personal gain and the responsibilities of OneRep to truly protect and advocate for individuals seeking to safeguard their online privacy.


Such a conflict of interest can lead to various ramifications, including:


Unethical Data Practices: The CEO's involvement in multiple data broker websites may indicate a pattern of unethical data handling, where personal information is used for profit without proper consent or safeguards.

Loss of Trust: Customers and users who value their privacy may lose trust in OneRep and its services if there are doubts about the CEO's past actions and current ownership in a data brokerage platform.

Legal Concerns: The intertwining of ownership stakes in different data broker websites could potentially raise legal concerns regarding conflicts of interest, data protection regulations, and consumer rights.


In essence, the conflict of interest surrounding the CEO's history with data broker websites calls into question the integrity and reliability of OneRep as a privacy protection service. It underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and a commitment to ethical data practices in an era where personal information is increasingly vulnerable to exploitation.


Data Broker Issue


Data brokers play a significant role in the digital landscape by gathering and selling personal information from various sources, including public records and private databases. This practice raises concerns about privacy and data security for individuals whose information is being collected without their explicit consent.


One of the major challenges posed by data brokers is the lack of control that individuals have over the dissemination of their personal data. Information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and even financial details can be obtained by these entities and then shared or sold to third parties without clear oversight or accountability.


In response to these concerns, Mozilla, a leading advocate for internet privacy and security, has collaborated with OneRep to introduce Monitor Plus. This subscription service aims to empower individuals to reclaim their online privacy by assisting them in removing their personal information from data broker websites.


Through Monitor Plus, users can proactively monitor the internet for any instances of their personal data being exposed or misused. The service helps identify where this information is being shared and provides guidance on the necessary steps to have it removed permanently.


By partnering with OneRep, Mozilla is taking a proactive stance in combatting the pervasive issue of data brokerage and its implications for individual privacy. With the increasing importance of safeguarding personal information in the digital age, services like Monitor Plus serve as valuable tools for individuals seeking to regain control over their online presence.


End of Partnership


In response to the conflict of interest, Mozilla has made the decision to terminate its partnership with OneRep. This move comes as part of Mozilla’s commitment to upholding transparency, trust, and ethical business practices within its partnerships and subscriptions.


With the end of the partnership, Mozilla is gearing up to transition to a new service that will power its Monitor Plus subscription. This transition marks a strategic shift for Mozilla as it seeks to ensure that its users continue to receive the high-quality service and data protection they have come to expect.


The decision to end the partnership was not taken lightly. Mozilla values its partnerships and the relationships it has built within the tech community. However, in situations where there is a conflict of interest, Mozilla must prioritize the integrity of its services and the trust of its users.


By choosing to transition to a new service for its Monitor Plus subscription, Mozilla is demonstrating its dedication to providing a secure and dependable platform for its users. The new service has been carefully selected to align with Mozilla’s values and meet the high standards that users have grown accustomed to.


As Mozilla navigates this period of transition, it remains committed to keeping its users informed every step of the way. Updates regarding the new service provider and any changes to the Monitor Plus subscription will be communicated clearly and promptly to ensure a smooth transition for all users.


Mozilla’s decision to end its partnership with OneRep signifies its unwavering commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of its user base. This proactive approach underscores Mozilla’s dedication to prioritizing user privacy, data security, and ethical business practices in all aspects of its operations.




After Mozilla's recent privacy and security initiative cuts, it's crucial to note that Mozilla's Monitor Plus remains as the one service that has remained untouched by these changes. This signifies Mozilla's commitment to providing users with a secure and private online experience.


Mozilla's Monitor Plus is a valuable tool that allows users to keep track of their online accounts and receive alerts in case of any security breaches or potential threats. By maintaining this service amidst the cuts to other initiatives, Mozilla emphasizes the importance of safeguarding user data and privacy.


As technology continues to advance and cyber threats become more sophisticated, having a reliable security tool like Monitor Plus can provide users with peace of mind knowing that their online accounts are being monitored effectively.



Despite Mozilla's recent privacy and security initiative cuts, Monitor Plus remains untouched, showcasing Mozilla's dedication to maintaining user security and privacy.

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